Phage Therapy 2.0

Artificial Intelligence & Bioinformatics
for Phage Research

Therapy 2.0

Artificial Intelligence & Bioinformatics
for Phage Research

PhageAI S.A.

An innovative AI-driven company specialised in software development and automating a bioinformatic analysis of bacteriophage characteristics and discovery. Our methodology dramatically accelerates the complex process of describing phages in silico from a dozen days to less than an hour.

Thanks to our company product – PhageAI platform – we are closing the accuracy gap for a new class of phage research tools.

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What you can get?

The PhageAI platform is ready to be part of your phage research to work into the different areas of classification and discovery.


Led by Phage & AI Experts

An interdisciplinary team with extensive business and R&D experience and biotech production culture.

Bruno Maineult

Chief Executive Officer

Bruno Maineult is the Chief Executive Officer of PhageAI SA and the Chief People & AI Officer of Proteon Pharmaceuticals SA. He has over 20 years of experience in management in Poland and Europe including his roles as Board Member of a German tech corporation controlled by Private Equity and Head of Financial Planning & Analysis of the Polish telecom incumbent.

Cross-cultural fluent and a Hi-tech enthusiast, Bruno has developed a solid experience in Biotech for the last 7 years now.

Beyond his work experience in companies of all sizes, he has built his entrepreneurial skills through participating in several innovative projects in education, multimedia and financial services as a Freelancer and as an Angel Investor in Poland.

Bruno is savvy about organization management and the impact of digitalization on individual and collective performance, including the strengthening of effective and synergetic cooperation between teams.

Arkadiusz Guziński

AI Manager

Arkadiusz Guziński is the AI Manager at PhageAI SA and the Leader of the Bioinformatics Team at Proteon Pharmaceuticals SA. With 7 years of experience, he specializes in developing pipelines that accelerate analysis, focusing on bacteriophage sequences from assembly to making them available in public databases. Arkadiusz has contributed to several publications and patents and played a key role in securing a grant of PLN 2 million for PhageAI to develop its platform. In his work, he strives for continuous development and improvement, aiming to create new solutions that advance science and simplify people's work.

Maria Urbanowicz

AI Specialist

Maria Urbanowicz is the AI Specialist at PhageAI SA. At PhageAI SA, her main responsibilities include optimizing, preparing, and deploying AI models related to bacteriophage biology, monitoring existing solutions, supporting the development of the PhageAI platform, creating new tools, performing bioinformatic and statistical analyses, supporting younger employees, and conducting literature reviews in microbial biology and AI.

She holds a Master's degree in biology from the University of Łódź, where she also completed a 2-year bioinformatics program called "Let's Bio IT" and postgraduate studies in "Big Data - Processing and Analysis of Large Data Sets" at the Warsaw University of Technology. With over 5 years of experience in bioinformatics and data science, including academic experience, Maria has successfully completed numerous R&D projects and shared her findings through publications and conference presentations. In her free time, Maria enjoys water and endurance sports and taking care of her two cats.

Michał Stępień

IT Specialist

Michał Stępień is IT Specialist in PhageAI SA and also at Proteon Pharmaceuticals SA.

An experienced IT Administrator, he manages Office 365 platform and Azure environments. Besides, he configures and maintains virtual machines as well as on-premises Linux servers, and implements cloud-based solutions. He is responsible for the availability and performance of the overall IT infrastructure. As a a Developer, he focuses on Microsoft PowerApps and .NET technologies, creating custom solutions for unique business needs. Very versatile and problem solving oriented, Michał excels in the design of global solutions involving hardware, software and networks. He has studied advanced mechanics and robotics engineering at the University of Technology in Lodz.

Igor Filipiuk

Data Scientist

Igor Filipiuk is a Data Scientist at PhageAI SA. In his role, he is responsible for addressing classification and prediction problems using machine learning and deep learning models applied to bacteriophage research. Igor holds an experience of over 10 years in healthcare and life science space with over 6 years in working with data. He holds master's degree in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from University of Warsaw.

Igor contributed to a few PhD dissertations in computer vision and diagnostics which resulted in publications. His ambition is to contribute to the development of superior bio-based solutions.

Żaneta Szulc


Żaneta Szulc is a Bioinformatician at PhageAI SA with expertise in bioinformatic analysis of bacteriophages and the development of machine learning models. At PhageAI SA, Żaneta is responsible for developing machine learning models, Python/Bash scripts, and providing scientific support for projects.

As a member of the development team for the Life Cycle Classifier, Żaneta has assessed the life cycle of thousands of bacteriophages, prepared datasets, and co-developed prototypes of the classifier. Żaneta holds a Master's degree in medical biotechnology and has completed courses in machine learning and Python programming. She is a co-author of three scientific publications. Her passion lies in data processing and developing AI tools for Life Sciences. In her free time, she enjoys bicycle trips and culinary experiments.

Marlena Słoma

Project Manager

Marlena Słoma is a Project Manager at PhageAI SA and Proteon Pharmaceuticals SA. With 8 years of experience, she supports R&D projects from administrative and financial perspectives at various stages of implementation, successfully accounting for ongoing projects. At PhageAI SA, she is also responsible for coordinating the proper functioning of all company departments.

Marlena has completed numerous training courses, including PRINCE2, "A Specialist in R&D Projects," "Eligibility of Costs and Project Settlement," and "Applying the Principle of Competitiveness in Project Expenditure."


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We are using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to improve phage research.



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